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Now you can own your WATTZ rooftop solar system completely FREE. Do your part in making the world a brighter place! Refer friends and family to WATTZ and get a chance to own your rooftop solar system by referring 10 qualified homeowners that sign up with WATTZ.

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All you need is a WATTZ account.

Don’t have an existing WATTZ account, simply create your account online and connect your friends and family with the Sun by referring them to WATTZ and earn a AED500 reward for every qualified homeowner that signs up.


Don't want to create an account or get a cash reward? Submit the referral here.

*Cannot be combined with other referral programs.

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Download the WATTZ App from the App Store or on Google Play and you’ll be able to connect people with the Sun.

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How it works

Referring friends and family members is easier than ever thanks to WATTZ.

  • Login to an existing WATTZ account. If you do not have one, you can easily create a new account to track your referrals and receive your rewards. You can also download the app and login / create an account there to track your referrals and rewards right from your smart phone.
  • Once you are logged into WATTZ, click on “Connect to the Sun”. You will be asked to input your referral’s first and last name, phone, and email. We need all of this information to get in touch with them.
  • We’ll contact your friend or family member using the information provided (we’d appreciate if you let them know we’ll be calling). If they’re interested and eligible, we’ll schedule an appointment for them with one of our PV experts.
  • If your referral signs up with WATTZ, you’ll earn AED500.
  • You’ll receive a AED500 Reward in your WATTZ account within 30 days of the evaluation. You can receive this reward as a Visa PrePaid reward card, ACH to your bank account or via PayPal.
  • Easily track of all your referrals in your WATTZ account and submit new ones whenever you’re ready.
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