What components are in a solar power system?

Making the decision to install a solar power system means having a full understanding of how creating renewable energy works. While it may seem like a complicated process, simple steps are taken to convert the sun’s rays into electrical energy for your home.

There are six components of a solar power system, as shown through this solar panel diagram that will harness the sun’s energy & make it your own:

  1. Solar Panels: When properly installed, solar panels directly convert the sun’s rays into direct current (DC) electricity. These panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells & are placed on a home’s roof in direct sunlight for optimal use.
  2. Inverter: When the sunlight hits a solar cell, its photons are converted into electrons of DC electricity that flow through an inverter where they are converted into an alternating current (AC) power. This is the electricity that powers your home.
  3. Electrical Panel: Once sent from the inverter, the AC power is sent to an electrical panel, also commonly known as a breaker box.
  4. Utility Meter: Also, known as a net energy meter, a utility meter helps consumers keep track of how much solar power is produced throughout the day. When you generate more power than you can use, the meter works in reverse & sends that power to the utility grid, thus offsetting the energy you use at night.
  5. Utility Grid: Your household or business will still be connected to the utility grid because it will need to draw power from it at night. However, the cost of using the grid’s electricity is offset by the amount of energy you put into it during the day.
  6. Monitoring system: The monitoring system continuously tracks your solar energy production & makes sure your entire system is running correctly. If a problem occurs, the system will automatically notify WATTZ.
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