Now you can support & be part of Dubai vision for a smart & sustainable city. As a customer, you will be the producer of clean electricity produced from the solar system installed in your premises.

The UAE Energy Plan 2050 aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 70%, increase clean energy use by 50% & improve energy efficiency by 40% by the middle of the century, resulting in savings worth Dh700 billion.

The policy’s targets for the source of energy for local consumption by 2050 have been set at 44% from renewable energy, 38% from gas, 12% from clean fossil & 6% from nuclear energy. Now, more than 90% of UAE’s energy needs are met by natural gas.

Connection Process

The connection procedure contsists of four different stages:

Engaging with WATTZ

Customers can contact WATTZ to review the feasibility & get advice on the best solution for the solar PV system in compliance with DEWA’s (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) standards.

NOC Application

WATTZ submits the Solar NOC building application to DEWA.

Design Approval Application

Upon receiving the DEWA building solar NOC, WATTZ submits the application & relevant documents for solar PV design approval.

Technical Design Approval Download

Upon receiving the solar PV design approval, WATTZ will be provided with an estimate of the applicable connection fee.

Notification to DEWA

WATTZ notifies DEWA through the system that the fieldwork has been completed & the installation is ready for inspection & connection.

Site Inspection & Connection

WATTZ coordinates with DEWA & the customer to arrange the technical inspection of the site, signing the connection agreement, meter installation, & connection of the solar photovoltaic system to DEWA’s grid.

Solar Generation

Once the system is connected, the customer can generate his or her clean electricity using solar energy. The surplus is exported to DEWA grid. DEWA will offset the customer’s bill accordingly.

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