Why Should Homeowners Switch To Solar In 2021?

In recent times, as the whole world is taking steps towards sustainable living, even many homeowners are considering having a rooftop solar panel installation. Although, some are hesitant to do so because of the initial costs associated with this project. But the start-up costs will be soon covers, because of the money one can save with the home solar panels.

Here are the top ways you can save money when you have solar energy panels for home

You Can Eliminate Your Energy Bills:

Having a solar panel installation on your rooftop can help you eliminate your energy bill or reduce it. So dramatically that electricity costs are no more a part of your financial budget. When you go solar, you can reduce your energy bill by 50% per month. Your saving with solar depends upon factors such as the amount of energy your residential solar system produces and the amount of energy you consume to run your home. Nevertheless, the biggest factor is the rates you would otherwise pay for your utility.

Improve Your Expenditure Management Skills

The solar panels on your home use energy from the sun to power your homes. But except when the sun is not present, such as during thunderstorms or at night. In such cases, regular electricity supplied through your local utility will be use as an alternative. So you will just have to pay for the electricity you use during rainy days. You can always predict your energy bill which is especially beneficial for anyone with a fixed income, as well as for businesses that stand to gain from more stable cash flow.
So this way, when you make your electricity costs more predictable by switching to solar. Then you can improve your expenditure management skills. And also your savings are equal to the costs you avoid by switching to solar. You’ll save even more when the electricity rates are high in your area. As electricity prices continue to rise, your savings will continue to rise every year during the 25-year life of your solar panel system.

Solar Panels Do Not Require Maintenance

Solar panels come with very less or no maintenance. Once installed, solar panels very rarely have any issues that call for maintenance or repairs. So it is undoubtedly a one-time investment that supplies hassle-free, clean, and eco-friendly energy for years together. That is without having worries about any kind of expenses that you might have with utility. Solar panels have warranties, so homeowners can enjoy the privilege of having free maintenance. No such benefits you might have when you are on the grid electricity right?

You Can Save Money With Net Metering

Net metering is a cycle wherein the power board, monitors the energy consumed by your home and the energy harvested by your rooftop solar panels. Net metering permits homeowners to feed the surplus solar energy into the utility grid and get a credit on their power bills. In a housetop net metering framework, the DC power produced from the solar panels is changed over to AC power utilizing a power molding unit and is taken care of to the network. The power produced by solar panels during the day time is used completely, to control hostage loads and feed abundance capacity to the grid.
In case when solar power is insufficient due to uncertain weather conditions, the captive loads are served by drawing power from the utility grid. To avail the benefits of net metering, DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) replaces the existing connection meter with a bidirectional meter that displays the import and export of the energy separately. The surplus energy is exported to the grid and DEWA will offset the customer’s bill accordingly. In the winters, homeowners DEWA bills can almost be reduces to zero. So with the net metering scheme, the excess electricity will be credited by DEWA at the retail rate. Thereby reducing the energy bill for the following month.

Closing Notes: The above said are some of the major reasons, that homeowners should consider to step up for a smart and sustainable living. Although Solar panel installation is a one-time investment for the homeowners, this home upgrade will pay back in no time. Having a rooftop solar panel installation in Dubai is a great advantage for Dubai homeowners. Wattz, the leading solar panel installers can help you with the best residential home solar solutions in Dubai. We help you connect with Sun!. Drop us a line and our experts will reach you in no time.

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