5 Steps To Make Your Home Off Grid With Solar Power

Over the last few decades, there has been a strong shift in thinking. Many Homeowners around the world are becoming aware of their impact on the environment and are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. This is the reason why many of them are going green or going off-grid which can significantly increase property value and also reduce energy bills.

In today’s article, let’s see how homeowners can completely become electrically independent by going off-grid solar systems. Here is a smart way to go off-grid to yield better savings in the long run and to become more environmentally friendly.

Step 1: Go for Roof Top Solar Panel Installation

The easiest way to take your home off-grid is to choose the best solar panel installers for your home and have them replace your utility power supply with a solar array. They just get the right number of panels enough to cover your sunny roof, fill your garage or basement with batteries and you are good to go solar. Isn’t that easy? Some folks choose to have their DIY solar installation. But we don’t recommend DIY solar panel installation because, in the long run, this approach is extremely inefficient and can land up being very costly. Choosing a professional solar panel installation company is a smart way to go solar.

Step 2: The Smart Way to Water Heating is with Solar

Turning your home more energy-efficient involves a lot of work and planning. But it will save you a lot more money in the long run. Start looking at your big energy users and change or remove them to reduce your energy demands.

The Water Heater / Geyser

Water heaters are an essential part of any household that draws more energy and you should look into ways to make them more efficient rather than removing them altogether. The best way to change your water heater or geyser is to change it to a solar water heater. This type of heater sits on a sunny spot on the roof and harnesses the heat from the sun and uses it to heat your water and keep it warm. These heaters often come with an element as well to boost the water temperature when there has not been enough sun throughout the day. These heaters are the best option for homes in sunny locations.

Step 3: Look Into Your Kitchen Appliances

Stove & Oven

Gas stoves and ovens are the best solution for an off-grid home to reap the rewards of reduced energy consumption. Making changes to the stove and oven will significantly reduce your peak demand in the evening. This eventually helps reduce the inverter size and the battery bank capacity.


Modern refrigerators come with improved insulation and a new digital inverter together. It results in the fridge running for less time and with less power. These savings add up in the long term and will help reduce the size of your rooftop solar installation.

Step 4: See Into The Household Lighting

Changing your household lighting to LEDs is a must if you want to go off-grid. Switching to LED is the easiest and cheapest way to make home energy efficient and go off-grid.

Step 5: Now Change to Solar Panels

Once you have worked through the big energy users at your home, your home is ready to go off-grid. Now the last and final step is switching your electrical supply to solar. There is nothing complicated with a solar installation. It is easy only when you choose a professional solar installation company to go off-grid. Once you get your home solar system installed, the technician will do the final connections to your distribution board, to check your installation and make sure that everything is compliant with your local regulations. A certified solar installation company provides you with a compliance certificate so that you can be sure that everything is in place.

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