The Latest Trends In Home Solar Systems In 2021

Rooftop solar PVs

Rooftop solar PVs are one of the latest trends in home solar systems. It acts as a secure investment for many homeowners against fluctuating electricity prices. Apart from reducing electric bills, installing rooftop solar panels can help decrease the burden of carbon footprints and help the planet go greener and cleaner. This trend has got a positive influence on the industry landscape of the solar industry setting higher demand for more and more rooftop solar panel installations all over the globe. With such a favorable environment, here are the latest trends coming up with rooftop solar panel installations for your homes.

The New Solar Rooftop Panels Suit Any Kind Of Roof Orientation:

In the last 20 years, solar module efficiency has increased from 13 percent to 20 percent. These modules also come with ten times price reduction encouraging many homeowners to install modules on all unshaded roof orientations. The days of ignoring northerly sloped rooftops or any other orientation are gone.

The Future Buildings Will Be Designed To Be Carbon-Negative.

The upcoming residential buildings and community projects will design to be carbon-negative, that is, to incorporate solar modules to generate more energy than they operationally consume. So the future buildings are going to turn out to be more solar power compliant.

Skill Levels For Solar And Storage Contractors Increased.

With many additional and advanced features added to the solar modules. So, there is a growing demand for technical expertise. The latest advancements call for expert technicians and the Installers must be savvy with building electrical wiring, CAT 5/6 communication wiring, and various wireless communications protocols. We at Wattz, have got a bunch of well-trained expert technicians to do the right job.

The Storage Battery Shelf-Life Has Increased:

In the olden days, we learn that batteries are inherently short-lived. But in recent times, batteries come with a good warranty period not less than a 10-years warranty attached to all energy storage system batteries.

The New Solar Energy Systems Come With The Highest Safety Standards:

The new solar energy systems are highly safe and comply with all ISO standards in the solar industry. However, homeowners should choose the best rooftop solar panel installers to have an efficient home energy system in place.

Rooftop Solar Systems Meet Different Sizes Of Buildings:

Most building owners have more electrical appliances. In such a case, building electricity consumption will inevitably go up, so oversizing the home solar systems is a wise design decision for most customers. While some homes may have limited home appliances they may go with minimal home solar systems.

Whole-Home Battery Backup Has Become More Advanced:

To back up power at your home, you may need multiple batteries and inverters. New “smart” load-shedding electrical panels are becoming available from the best International brands which are ideal for new-build home construction. Retrofit installations are an advanced type that will serve with standalone load-shedding controllers, ideally integrating with popular inverter systems.

The above said are some of the most advanced trends in solar power. It is a great idea to invest in green technology. It not only makes our planet cleaner but also promises a healthier way of living for future generations. Are you planning to go solar? Then, you are at the right place. Wattz is the leading rooftop solar panel installer in Dubai. If you have a project in mind, just drop us a line and we will contact you soon.

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