Five Easy Steps To Keep Your Residential Home Solar System In Good Condition

Most homeowners are choosing rooftop solar panel installation for financial savings and many other good reasons. The most obvious way to determine whether your rooftop solar panel system installation is working is to look at your utility bill. Here are five simply DIY tips below to eliminate any guesswork about the performance of the solar panel system.

Step 1: Be Sure To Regularly Check Your Breaker Switches

The breaker switches are those tiny fuse boxes that manage your home’s electricity flow. Certain factors like surges, glitches, and overloads can trip these switches that can prevent solar electricity from supplying power to your appliances or going into the grid. So switching them back to the proper state is usually enough to fix any electricity fluctuations within your limits.

Step 2: Often Check for Obstructions

Your rooftop solar panels need direct sunlight to generate power. Hence it’s important to keep them free of anything that might hamper the production of power. So check for trees whose recent foliage may be blocking out light. If there is a problem with trees, you may need to cut back some branches. There is a chance of accumulation of dust; debris and pollen build-up over time which prevents sunlight from hitting your PV panels. So make sure you get them cleaned once a week. Also, check for obstructions under the panels too. Nesting mice, birds, and other vermin can damage your PV system’s components which can lead to lower energy production. Be sure to clean out any droppings and debris. It’s also a good idea to install a pest guard to prevent any pest infestations that can harm your solar system.

Step 3: Routine Check Your Solar Inverter

Your PV installation has an inverter that converts the direct current (DC) electricity from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity to run your home. Check if your solar inverter’s light is always steady and green which means it’s working. And there’s nothing you need to do. It’s a concern If your inverter’s light is yellow, red, or flashing which means there is an underlying problem. In such a case, you can call the technicians to get it fixed.

Step 4: Inspect Your Solar Meter periodically

Solar meters are very crucial for logging your PV system’s energy generation in real-time, which allows you to compare past production data against current data to spot anomalies. Homeowners should identify that solar meters represent the first and only line of defense against any lost savings.

Step 5: Install A Solar Monitor

It’s not always easy to keep monitoring your solar meter. Moreover, this type of diligence isn’t always practical. With the advent of new technological innovations, here is a smart device to track your solar meter. A solar monitor setup is an ideal solution for homeowners. The solar monitor runs silently in the background, tracking your PV system’s production in real-time. With this simple device, you can access the performance data from any computer or smart device. It also helps you analyze your historic generation data, local weather conditions, and many more. Apart from all this, the solar monitor also sends out alerts when your PV system’s production strays from its normal baseline. This approach helps you to intervene and configure your system for better savings.

Final Thoughts:

The checklist above will help homeowners with rooftop solar panel installation to resolve 80% of most solar-related issues. And it’s a good idea to follow these steps periodically since dust accumulation, pest infestations, and tripped switches are all inevitable over the 20 to 25 years of your panels’ warranty period. Apart from all these, rooftop solar panel system installation is an easy-to-maintain residential power set up to go off-grid and this is the reason why many people are looking for sustainable living.

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