Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Season To Install Rooftop Solar Panels In Dubai

When you think of installing solar panels on your roof, you may be pondering over finding what could be the best season or the right time to get them fixed. Regardless of the time of the year, going solar is a great decision. The earlier you do, the faster you enjoy the benefits of home solar systems and reduce your carbon footprint. While some may think it’s better to install solar in the spring or summer, going solar in the winter is advantageous. Let us see the reasons why winter is the best time to install rooftop solar panels in Dubai.

1. Dubai Has Pleasant Wintertime

Although most homeowners find summer as the most popular time to install rooftop solar panels, winter is more ideal because of the lower temperatures, installers find it easy to fix your home solar system. Additionally, during the winter months when there is almost no AC, the house is completely powered by your solar system, and the excess power it generates can be fed back to the grid. This is a great advantage for homeowners.

2. Installers Are Less Busy During Winters

Many people opt for installing solar systems in the spring or summer and this can result in installer’s schedules filling up fast. Depending on how busy they are, you may have a longer waiting time during the busy season. By opting for a winter installation, you may hire them during the time they may be less busy, which is good for you and good for them too. If your solar installer is less busy, you may be able to get a better deal, as you could negotiate a little more.

3. Your Residential Home Solar System Is Ready For The Peak Production Seasons

By choosing to install in the fall or winter, you’ll be giving your home solar system plenty of time to get ready with the onset of spring or summer, when the sun is out for the longest duration and also your electricity production is the highest.

4. You Can Have Surplus Energy In Winters

Colder weather can even help increase the efficiency of your home solar system. Electronic appliances and the equipment in your solar system like colder temperatures as they are able to run with less resistance and with more efficiency. Although overall production decreases in the winter because of fewer hours of sunlight, your system will produce more electricity with less of that sunlight.

5. Prices May Get Cheaper

Summer is a time wherein the demand for solar panels is at its peak. With such an upright surge in the demand during such time of the year, you can also expect the prices to be higher. Therefore, winter is an attractive time to purchase rooftop solar panels because the prices might get lowered and become more affordable. But this might depend upon the rooftop solar panel installers, you choose, you will be able to find attractive deals that can be budget-friendly.

Choose The Best Rooftop Solar Panel Installers In Dubai

We at Wattz, are passionate about renewable resources and green energy solutions and are always happy to share our knowledge with you. We’ll walk you through every step of going green with rooftop solar panels and reap the benefits in the longer run. We are the best rooftop solar panel installers for homes in Dubai. More than 95% of the roofs we see can support a solar panel array. In case there are concerns due to size or slope; we can customize a configuration that works best for you.

Whether summer, winter, or spring, you can always go solar. More often, than not, waiting to install your residential home solar system can do more harm than good for your wallet. Want to go solar? Call us today.

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