Debunking The 6 Common Myths Of Commercial Rooftop Solar

Commercial rooftop solar is the popular choice for many business owners. The demand for renewable sources of energy is booming to decrease the harmful effects of global warming and increased pollution. Dubai is showing rapid advancements toward a clean & renewable source of energy – solar energy by introducing more and more innovative technologies. But a few other people are surrounded by some myths that stop them from enjoying solar benefits. Let’s dig deep into these myths of commercial rooftop solar panels and see how true they can be.

Myth #1: Solar panels do not work in cloudy or snowy weather

Fact: As long as the sun’s rays reach the rooftop. Your solar panels will generate the optimum amount of electricity no matter how colder it is. And when it comes to generating electricity in snow. They do generate electricity if the weather is windy during the snowfall. Because the snowflakes present in the atmosphere reflect the sunlight and scatter the photons on the panels.

Myth #2: Solar panels will cause damage to the roof of a commercial building

Fact: No, solar panels do not cause damage to the roof of commercial buildings. The Commercial rooftop solar systems are an advantage to the commercial buildings in protecting and preserving them. If you have to do any renovation or repairs on your commercial building roof, you can remove the solar panels sitting on the roof. And the solar panel manufacturers add metal flashing to the solar panel mounts to protect your commercial building from damage.

Myth #3 If You don’t use solar energy during the day, it gets wasted

Fact: You can use as much as energy you want and send it back to the grid by doing this on average you can save 7.135 cents/KWh of energy delivered per unit ( please note that this amount is subject to change). Another popular option is battery storage. You can save the remaining amount of solar energy in the solar batteries and use it afterward to power your home when the sun goes down.

Myth #4 Installing Commercial rooftop solar for business is quite complicated and requires a lot of maintenance

Fact: This is one of the common misconceptions about solar energy is that they require a lot of maintenance. However, this is not completely true. Solar panels are constructed in such a way that they can withstand any kind of environment and climatic conditions. If you connect your solar system to the utility grid then it becomes easier for you to maintain your solar panels. Clean your solar power systems with water to remove debris or any accumulated dust.

Myth #5 commercial Businesses must have a large amount of cash in hand to go solar

Fact: You don’t need to spend a large amount of cash to go solar. Apart from that, there are many financing options such as solar leases, power purchase agreements, solar loans, and a few other financing options available on solar power systems for the buyers who want to go solar and contribute their part towards an ecological movement.

Myth #6: There are no Warranties available on solar panels

Fact: This is not completely true. If you wish to purchase solar panels choose trustworthy solar companies like us who are ruling the solar industry for many years. You need not worry about the solar panel maintenance and warranties as we provide high-quality solar panels with more comfortable options available.

Ready to Go Solar?

Now we have debunked the myths about commercial solar panels. And we also hope that this article has helped in clearing most of the misconceptions of the readers. If you are feeling excited to switch to commercial rooftop solar contact Wattz today, one of the leading solar energy providers in UAE. We better know how much consistency it takes to succeed in a project. Let us give a helping hand to make your dream project successful by making energy cheaper for you.

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