Things To Consider Before Installing Solar System For Commercial Use

There is a gradual rise in demand for commercial solar panels around the world in recent years. Solar is not just limited to residential properties. Many business properties, Government agencies, industries, and warehouses are now frequent candidates for utilizing solar system benefits.

Apart from reducing electric bills, solar also reduces carbon footprints and became a new trend for many commercial & residential properties. Although you can escalate your wallet savings through solar, you need to do a little homework before installing commercial solar systems.

The below points will help you understand things to consider before installing commercial solar on your property.

Solar panel efficiency:

Solar panel efficiency is the measurement of a solar panel’s capacity to convert sunlight into usable electricity. With great solar panels, efficiency comes the great solar panel flexibility. You can measure the efficiency of solar under laboratory conditions. But sometimes you can see the difference in the efficiency of solar after the installation process. This is why it is important to analyze the solar panel performance based on the location factors and installation type.

Solar panel providers & installers must be able to present you with the solar panel performance based on the weather conditions of your area or location. At WATZZ you don’t have to fret too much about it. Our experienced solar installers perform an on-site evaluation of your commercial property. We keep location and weather conditions under consideration and provide you with an accurate estimation.

Look for the License:

Major factors you need to consider before hiring a solar company are, if they are certified, licensed, and insured. Ensure that the solar company you’re working with has the proper credential details. In addition to that, the installer company must be fully insured and properly bonded.  Make sure they look after your solar system in case of any disaster occurs. An uninsured solar panel installer may also charge for getting physically hurt while working on your solar installation process.

Commercial Solar Warranties

A commercial solar system isn’t a cheap investment. It is necessary to know the solar warranties that you will receive from the concerned solar company. Solar warranties act as a lifesaver when your solar system breaks or stops working.

Solar maintenance & Monitoring Capabilities Matter

Maintenance and continuous monitoring of the solar system allow you to ensure that your commercial solar system is functioning properly. When choosing your solar installer it is necessary to know their maintenance service policy. In case you’re invertor breaks or your commercial building is leaking. You need to make assure that the solar company offers repair and maintenance services to your solar system.

Friendly Commercial Financing options

Purchasing, installation, and maintenance of a big commercial solar project can seem challenging. Therefore it is important to choose a vendor that provides better financial options. Installers that offer their financing usually partner with financial institutions and create their financial plans. This prevents the client from the hectic upfront costs and keeps their capital free to utilize on other projects.

Multiple Quotes of solar companies:

Different solar energy contractors charge differently for solar installations. Some contractors charge more competitively compared to others. You must talk to as many solar system installers as possible and gather multiple quotes from different companies to make sure the rate you get on commercial solar panel installation is competitive. This helps you save a few thousand Dirhams on your commercial solar panel installation.

Do You Wish To Go Solar At A Competitive Price?

As a Top 1 solar energy provider in the MENA region, we at WATZZ provide, install, monitor, maintain, and even relocate your commercial and residential solar systems. Unlike other solar installers, we focus on precise customer outcomes with ongoing system performance. Get your installation done today and start saving your monthly electricity bills!

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