Energy Saving Tips That Are Good To Know While Working From Home

Work from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to start working from home, which means energy use at home has increased and as a result you are paying an extra amount from your own pocket. So, energy-saving is important to reduce your bills.

Here are Energy Saving Tips to keep your energy efficient:

1. Let The Natural Light In Smartly

Lighting up during day time can increase your household electricity bill. Take advantage of sunshine to illuminate your home interiors. Instead of using desk lamps or overhead lights, open the curtains and place your desk next to a window to use the natural light whenever possible. Optimizing the use of a good amount of natural light is imperative to help us cut back on unnecessary wastage of energy during these unprecedented times.

2. Optimize The Use Of Thermostat

We can greatly save on cooling bills just by simply adjusting the thermostat as per our requirements. Just one-degree turn-up on the thermostat can reduce the energy consumption up to 10%. Make sure that the thermostat for the living or work area is set at 24 degrees Celsius.

3. Home Appliances

  • Turn off heaters, cooling units when not required, or while you are asleep. Make sure to turn off at the PowerPoint to save even more power than at the switch or through remote control.
  • Try to save energy on how much you wash and dry clothes. Always choose the shortest appropriate washing cycle and wait until the load is full before you start a washing cycle.
  • Be mindful that dryers use a lot of energy. So hang clothes outside to let them dry naturally or use a fan to help dry them indoors.
  • Use the economy cycle on your dishwasher and run it only when it is full.
  • Remember that even in standby mode some electric devices use at least 20% of the energy that they would consume if they were switched on. Make sure that you have unplugged all the appliances that are not in use from TVs to toasters to kettles you use for a coffee break.
  • Your refrigerator is the most expensive home appliance that runs 24hours a day. Set the ideal fridge temperature at 4oC or 5oC and the freezer temperature at -15oC to -18o Do not linger in front of an open fridge. You may waste a lot of electricity this way.
  • When you’re cooking, use a microwave oven as it uses much less energy than an electric oven or an electric stove. Cover the food with a lid to reduce cooking time while cooking on an electric stove.
  • Do not waste water. Do not let the hot water faucet run when shaving or hand washing dishes.

4. Smart Use Of Computer And Devices

  • Ditch the use of a desktop computer at home as the desktop and monitor can use four times more energy to operate than a laptop.
  • Put your laptop to sleep when you are away for your day breaks.
  • Unplug your laptop charger, cell phone charger, and other types of equipment such as printers, scanners, or wi-fi routers before you hit the bed.

5. Work A Bit Smarter

Reducing the number of hours that you are on your computer is the most direct way to save electricity while telecommuting. Optimize your workday by eliminating procrastination and feel free a bit earlier in the day, e.g. if you could finish the work even before the stipulated time, make yourself time-bound and finish it right away. This can be done by reducing surfing time on the internet, checking emails for a long time, and taking extended day breaks. Try to fit in more work into fewer hours so that you save a lot of energy and your time.

Bonus Tip

Plan for an alternative source of energy like solar power system for your home. This period provides the best opportunity to work on switching to guaranteed and sustainable green energy. Solar panel installation is one of the best way to a cleaner and better living for humans as well as the environment.

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