Top Reasons To Choose Solar Energy To Power Your Home


The sun isn’t just for warmth and sunlight but also an abundant source of energy. Solar energy is a renewable form of electrical energy that we harness through a process called photovoltaic effect using a solar panel system, to power our TVs, refrigerators, lights, and other appliances. Over the years, there has been widespread adoption of solar power that has changed the lives of many people across the globe, helping them in many ways. While many of us know that solar power helps us improve the environment by reducing carbon footprint, It is also a great home efficiency upgrade. Whether your motivations to choose solar energy are environmental, economic, or personal, this article provides you the list of solar power benefits for everyone. Here are the top 8 reasons why homeowners have to go solar.

  1. You can drastically reduce or even eliminate your power bills:

    This advantage of solar power is pretty amazing. Whether you are a homeowner, business, or non-profit, the electricity costs make up for a large portion of monthly expenditure. Once installed, the solar power system operates free for not less than 25+years and you have got no periodic payments. On average, the amount you spend on the installation of a solar power system is cheaper than the installation of the grid electricity.
  2. Solar power makes you go off-the-grid:

    When you have your solar panels installed on your roof, you are harnessing power enough to run your homes. Surplus power is fed back into the grid depending on the energy utilized or you’ll be credited for the power you provide. On warm spring days, we generate more than what we consume. On hot summer days, when we run the air conditioning, or on cloudy days we draw from the grid. UAE is full of sunshine, so we produce more solar energy. Even during the cloudy days, solar panels continue to draw energy enough to power your home.
  3. Help improve the quality of air:

    Having a solar power system is one of the easiest ways for a sustainable future. Most of us love to give back nature in which every way possible. Starting at the home level is a fantastic way to show your care for the environment. With Solar energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and also turn your place into a carbon-neutral village by contributing to a safer and cleaner environment. Installing a small 1KW solar power system can prevent the release of an enormous 1.5 tonnes of carbon every year.
  4. Increase the value of your home:

    Solar-powered homes look attractive and appealing to a normal consumer who is conscious of the environment, carbon footprint levels, and increasing energy costs. Many studies have revealed that homes equipped with solar power have higher property value and sell quickly than non-solar homes.
  5. Requires low maintenance:

    Solar panel systems provide great durability. Unlike other energy equipment, they do not contain any moving parts. So there is no wear and tear or chances of damage. Due to this, the occurrence of interruption in the services at any given time is also zero. A well designed solar panel is highly rigid and resistant to extreme turbulence and any harsh conditions. You must be sure to work with a trustworthy installer who can offer the best solar panel systems and good services.
  6. It is a longterm investment for a brighter future:

    With the depleting levels of fossil fuels, solar energy has evolved as top green energy sources attracting more investors globally. This has led to the development of many solar companies from big to small. This way it has led to industrial growth and employment generation. So, you are directly investing for the benefit of self, nation, and also the environment.
  7. Solar energy is highly reliable:

    Going solar does not mean that you will have energy only during the day. Due to the innovative battery systems that come with standard equipment, you will have consistent and uninterrupted energy even during rainy or dark days.
  8. Solar Energy is now more affordable:

    Due to an increase in demand for renewable sources of energy, even the government offers rebates and tax incentives. That can help offset the cost of installing a solar energy system. The advancements in the technology used to harness solar energy are allowing homeowners to recover their initial investment on the equipment and installation much more quickly. While many people are opting to switch to an alternative source of energy like solar power. The price of solar power systems is also getting more competitive with the conventional sources of electricity.


If you are searching for a clean and renewable energy source, there is nothing smarter than connecting the sun with your home. Solar energy is self-sustaining and investing in it is a wise decision.As a leading solar panel installer, Wattz offers solar panel installation and maintenance services for residential spaces in Dubai, UAE. To hire, mail us at or contact @ +97142594454.

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