Tips to Maximize Home Solar System Efficiency In Dubai During Summer

Our planet gets the energy it needs from the sun and solar energy comes from the Earth’s natural sunshine. So, undoubtedly every home solar system works at its best to deliver maximum output. UAE falls in a zone, where we enjoy good sunshine throughout the year and it is maximum during summers. So, to make your home solar system in Dubai run at its full potential, here are some tips that may help homeowners maximize their solar panels’ efficiency in the summers.

Keep A Check On Solar Power And Temperature:

It is an undeniable fact that the hot summer season is a perfect time for solar panels to collect energy. However, one must understand that solar panels absorb light and convert it into energy and not heat.

Ironically, temperature levels affect your home’s solar system efficiency. The effectiveness of panels can drop when the temperature increases. Due to overheating of solar panels, there may be a chance that your solar panels may have a risk. You can avoid such a problem with a simple trick. The rule of thumb is to leave a sufficient gap between the solar panels and the roof during installation. This allows easy movement of air thereby preventing your photovoltaic solar panels from overheating. So, make sure your solar panel installer in Dubai, installs your panels a few inches above your roof to allow for enough airflow, thus keeping your panels cool. You may also find light-colored panels that help minimize the amount of heat they absorb.


Clean Off The Debris

In addition to heat, you get to see a lot of pollen and dried leaves, and twigs around. Usually, solar panels tend to cloud with dust, grime, and pollen in any season, but it is more in summers.

As the debris builds up, this can significantly affect your solar panels’ efficiency. Hence your solar panels need to be clear of debris to improve their efficiency. If you have a good amount of rainfall now and then, it helps keep your system free from debris. But in UAE, rainfall is scanty, so it is advised to wash off your solar panels once a month with a garden hose pipe. But be sure to use demineralized water when cleaning your panels, to avoid any corrosion from hard water over time. Don’t forget to follow safety protocol while cleaning your panels or you can rely on a qualified professional to get the job done.

Make The Best Out Of Solar Power Storage

The solar panels make the maximum out of summers. So, it is the advice to homeowners to get good solar power storage systems to back up the harnessed energy for future use.

Getting highly reliable and good-quality solar batteries is a good idea. These batteries help you store all the extra solar power for later use. So, when your solar panels are creating more energy than you need, the extra power goes toward charging the battery. You can also store the power from your solar panels by changing the time of day that you are using maximum energy i.e. from evening to daylight hours. Make sure to run all the cleaning equipment and kitchen appliances that use more power only in the day hours when the sun is shining brightly out there. So, is your solar system making the maximum power during the daytime. So make sure to use appliances like your washing machine and air conditioning during the day instead of the evening.

Keeping your solar panels performing their best during the summer can drastically reduce or even eliminate your current electricity bill.

4. Get An Expert To Install Your Residential Solar Panels

Remember that if solar panels aren’t installed correctly, they don’t generate the optimal amount of electricity because of less sunlight exposure. one of the most important factors to consider when installing solar panels is the orientation and the angle at which solar panels are inclined. Ideally, for maximum sunlight exposure, solar panels should sit at an angle between 18 to 36 degrees. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, make sure your solar panels originate towards the south. Likewise, if you’re located in the southern hemisphere, they should be facing north. Make an Appointment with the best solar panel installers in Dubai to get the best output from your residential solar system.

These are some of the pro tips that can help you maximize your solar panel efficiency this summer. If all of this information is new to you, it’s probably a good idea to take the help of an expert to install your residential solar panels in Dubai. To ensure you can get the most benefit from them. If you are looking for the best Solar panel installers in Dubai, please visit Wattz, the most trusted solar energy provider in UAE.


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