5 Questions Every House Owner Has For A Solar Panel Installers In UAE

Solar power is a great cost-efficient source for many residential and commercial owners. When you install solar panels for homes or commercial spaces it will benefit you in saving your money and environment. The solar panels eliminate harmful carbon emissions and keep the environment clean. It’s easy to get excited about the prospect but, before installing a home solar system in Dubai you need to make everything clear with solar panel installers regarding the doubts you face and how solar makes sense for you.

In this article, we will study the most common questions every house owner has and the solutions to make everything clear about going solar.

1. Do I Need To Install A New Roof To Go Solar?

Solar panels must install on roofs that are in good condition. Accessing the condition of the roof before installing solar is very essential. It determines your home’s viability for installing solar. Depending on the age of your roof you may need to consider repairing or replacing the roof before adding solar panels. The good news is that solar panels are designed in such a way that nearly every type of roof can accommodate them. Professional solar panel installers can validate the roof status address if any changes are needed before installing the solar panels onto the roof.

You may not need to install a new roof for going solar if your roof is in good condition. But if your roof is damaged or it’s likely to fall off you need to get it repairs or install a new roof for giving good support to withstand solar panels.

2. Is It Necessary To Rewire Our Home To Access Solar Power?

In most cases, you will not need to do extensive rewiring for installing solar power panels. However, you need to have adequate space in your electrical service panel to accommodate solar input into it. If you need any help in the process our Wattz solar panel installers can help you determine the amount of space you may need during the home visit.

3. Is My House Facing The Right Direction To Solar Energy?

Historically, homes facing south used to consider an optimal choice for solar panel installation because they harnessed most of the energy from the sun. later on, due to advancements in solar technology solar panels are now able to enjoy most of the solar power from the roof regardless of any direction of the sun.

4. Do I Need To Cut Down Trees That Block The Sunlight Falling On Solar Panels?

Reaping the solar energy from the roof sometimes means trimming the trees that get a long way in blocking sunlight. But the answer is that it depends on the choice of the house owner. If you have a mature tree that makes valuable to you, you need not want to cut it down. Then you can opt for ground mount solar panels. The ground mounts solar panels are a great alternative if you have extra acres of land and you don’t even need to cut down the trees that block the sunlight onto the solar panels.

Our solar experts can access your geographic location and determine the best solution for you.

5. If There Is Heavy Rain Where Will The Water Go?

When it rains, the water runs down to the roof and the gutters and further away from your home. Installing solar equipment like racking and wire harnesses can prevent the water from flowing and draining into the solar panels. You can inform our constructor about the water and drainage concerns. We can present an alternative plan and prove that the installation will not impact the water runoff in any way.

Planning a home solar power system in Dubai? We have got you covered! We at Wattz are leading solar panel installers in UAE lighting up homes and commercial places with solar energy systems. Our professionals study your property, go through your requirements, run the math on systems and provide you with the best residential solar panels that suit your budget, property, and climatic factors.

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