Understanding What Uses The Most Energy In Your Home

Many homeowners around the world are now implementing energy-saving strategies of their own accord. These smart moves on their part as energy-saving activities help conserve valuable natural resources and paving the way to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Although many of us are aware of various energy-saving measures such as eliminating old home appliances that are not in use, using LED bulbs, yet many are not aware of the energy consumption of their newly purchased home appliance or about the already existing one. In this article, let us help you understand what household appliances will cost you more energy and easy tips to conserve your energy.

Finding What Is Making Your Energy Bill Higher?

Well most of us do not know which appliance in our home uses the most energy. This will vary, depending on the manufacturer, the type of model used as well as the habits of each homeowner. So knowing about the home appliances that consume more energy can help homeowners in many ways. You can plan energy-saving program, efficiently manage power bills, control appliances that draw more electricity, and thereby reduce the carbon footprint

How Much Energy Does A Standard Home Appliance Use?

Modern comfort not just comes at an expensive price but also puts a dent in your wallet. Many top energy research studies conducted claim that your HVAC system is the highest energy user that contributes to 31% usage followed by the cooling system at 12%. The remaining electrical energy usage is consumed by standard electrical home appliances for various household applications.

Though, these home appliances don’t consume much energy as your HVAC system, summing up all the electrical usage by these appliances can be relatively huge. Based on the energy usage, your home appliances ranked as follows:

  1. HVAC system accounts for up to 46% of your total energy consumption
  2. Water heating for up to 14%
  3. Home Appliances for up to 13%
  4. Lighting for 9%
  5. TV & Media for 4%

The electricity usage of any home appliance is measured in kiloWatts per hour or kWh. When you want to calculate the energy usage of any appliance, you must first calculate daily kilowatt-hours by multiplying the number of hours used per day by its wattage. We get the KWH by multiplying the wattage by 0.001.

Based on design and operation, appliances differ in their consumption. As seen from the above-listed table, heaters or appliances consume the most electricity, followed by, appliances that come with a combination of motors and compressors. Many home appliances have a combination of the motorized part as well as the heating elements such as clothes dryer, dishwasher. These appliances use more power if both motors and heaters are used in conjunction.

Apart from these appliances, excessive usage of computers, laptops, routers, modem, phones, printers gaming consoles can be your stealthy energy hogs that consume more power when or not in use but still plugged in.

How to stop them from sucking your power?
  1. Unplug your TV or any electronic good when not in use
  2. Use a power strip to group these devices and turn off the strip when not in use
  3. Buy products that listed under the low standby power category
  4. Look for an energy star rating before you choose the appliance to run your home
  5. Conduct a regular home energy audit to check for inefficient appliances that are using too much power
  6. Have regular maintenance of your HVAC system
  7. Don’t forget to let the sunshine in to give you the light.
  8. Go Solar

Using electrical home appliances can make your work easier. However, the above-mentioned household electrical goods are known to draw more electricity and affect your monthly energy bills. Hence, by identifying better ways in making your home more energy-efficient and also lower your monthly energy bills. You can also upgrade your home with solar panel installation to save money in the years to come. We at Wattz, the leading solar panel installers in Dubai can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills with the best solar panel installations on their homes.

Wondering how to get a home solar panel system? Then, you are at the right place. You can schedule a free solar quote with us or book an appointment.

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