Top 6 FAQs From Homeowners About Home Energy Audit

In our previous article, we have already discussed what a home energy audit is and how it benefits homeowners. In continuation with that article, we would like to highlight some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about home energy audits.

1. What Is A Home Energy Audit? Is It A DIY Task?

In simple terms, it is a process that helps you walk through your home or apartment, room by room to write down the energy consumed by that room, plus possible places your home uses or loses more energy. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional. However, the energy audit professional does it more efficiently, as they look at heat loss with specialized thermal equipment and use better techniques to find energy gaps.

2. How much energy can you save with a Home Energy Audit?

The amount of energy that you save depends on your home and location. An energy audit can bring down your annual energy consumption by 30%. In other words, you can drastically shave off 30% off of your heating and cooling costs. If you’re a homeowner for a multi-unit building, with a good home energy audit, you can have a lot of savings, and even average homeowners can enjoy decent savings over time.

3. What is in the home energy audit report?

This report is a written record of what the auditor found at your home and their recommendations for home improvements. Recommendations are made based on the findings at each home. For instance, one home may be recommended for better attic insulation, while another for HVAC improvement.

4. How often do I need a home energy audit?

Experts recommend home energy audits at least once each year. The best time to do a home energy audit is spring before you see the spike in your energy bills in the summer season for air- conditioning, and fall before you see high energy bills during the heating season.

5. How much time does it take to perform a home energy audit?

Professional energy audits can take up to 30 minutes to 4 hours to complete, depending on the size of your home. But if it is for the first time, it definitely would take a minimum of 2hours and a maximum of 4hours.

6. What’s the Best Home Efficiency Investment that I can make?

An energy audit will expose hidden areas of your home that are potentially wasting lots of energy. Windows and doors that don’t close all the way are clear and obvious energy wasters that you probably know, but some unexposed areas aren’t as noticeable. While windows can be replaced, seeking smaller change like insulating your basement or attic may make your home more energy efficient

End Notes:

A home energy audit is especially helpful for homeowners who are ready to invest in the best solar energy system to power their homes. By knowing where your home is wasting energy and designing and implementing ways to curb energy loss, you will lower your power needs. With a home Solar system, you can make your home more energy efficient, greener and more sustainable in the years to come. So, are you looking for the best residential solar panel installation for your homes in Dubai? Then you are at the right place. Wattz is the No 1 player in providing the best quality assured and highly efficient solar panels for Dubai Homes. Have a project in mind? Connect with Wattz today.

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