Why Should Homeowners Get A Home Energy Audit?


Making your home energy-efficient is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. Getting a home energy audit can help you identify potential issues that are keeping your energy bills higher. In previous article, we learnt energy saving tips and now, let’s learn how a home energy audit or assessment can help you with energy efficiency improvements and reduce your energy consumption.

What is a Home Energy Audit? What is its purpose?

A home energy audit is a simple process that takes a look at how much energy your home needs and uses, and how energy-efficient it is overall. While you could carry out an audit on your own, you can also hire a professional to audit your home. As there are several tests that they perform. One of the main purposes of going for an energy audit is that you will have a better understanding of your usage and efficiency. Finding exactly how and where your energy bills are going allows you to make the necessary changes.

An energy audit can lead you to several benefits that you will see in the long run. In this article, let us help you find, what are other major benefits you might enjoy when you get an energy audit done to your home.

1. Better Energy savings:

Conducting home energy audit allows you to inspect on what and where exactly your home is wasting energy. we help you to plan the necessary upgrades. By figuring out if any spots are losing an excessive amount of hot or cold air, you can rectify them immediately. For example, an energy audit can help you locate air leaks that come through gaps in your walls, ceiling, floors. You can also find out poor insulation, this is especially evident in older homes. So when the problems are fixed, you instantly save both energy and money.

2. Eliminates guess work:

We often go on wild guesses in figuring out the possibilities for wasting energy at our homes, but now you have the answers in front of you.

3. The better HVAC system in place:

By having your HVAC system checked, you can improve the air quality of your home. Then if you need a little more extra insulation, you can plan for additional roof or wall insulation. It can make your HVAC system more productive and efficient as well as improve the tranquility of your home.

4. Reduce your energy wastage:

When you have an energy audit, energy savings are evident instantly according to the changes that you have made. According to a study, fixing your HVAC system can bring down your electric bill by 20-40% annually. And also making a small change like swapping your incandescent light bulbs with new LED bulbs can cut down your energy bill by 25-80% annually.

5. Improves Health and Safety:

During an energy audit, your home is inspected for potential electrical hazards and ensures that all the wiring is done properly and that it will not lead to any fire accidents test for gas or fuel leaks in fuel-powered appliances.

6. Reduces your Carbon Foot Print:

Home energy audits make your environment friendly by helping you reduce your carbon footprints. When your home consumes less energy, you are reducing unnecessary wastage of energy resources and also pollution.

7. Cut down your ongoing maintenance bills:

A professional home energy audit ensures thorough checking of the home’s electrical system and features, thereby prolonging the life expectancy of your home appliances. You’re also avoiding future issues by proactively identifying system flaws that could have a negative impact, otherwise left unchecked.

Closing Paragraph:

The main purpose of having an energy audit is to help homeowners maximize the energy efficiency of their homes. You can either go for a self-audit or go with a professional home audit that comes with valuable insights. So that you can make informed decisions. There is also one more benefit for homeowners who are looking for rooftop solar panel installation. The less energy your home consumes each day, the fewer solar panels your home will need. So, when you are aware of energy savings tips and get clean, renewable power with a PV system installed on your home the savings begin to add up quickly and your home is future-ready for smarter living. Wattz is a leading solar panel installers in Dubai who would help you with home energy audit and help you get the right solar panel system that fits your home requirements.

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