5 Facts About The Best Home Solar System Every Builder Must Know

As home solar energy is becoming more popular, many homeowners in Dubai are now including the best home solar systems in their projects. When constructing a new home, builders present potential buyers with several exterior options and solar is one of them. Integrating the best home solar system into the rooftops reduces electricity prices. As the decades pass the prices of solar panels have been and everyone is able to own solar PV systems. 

If you are in the construction process, it’s necessary to understand the basics of solar panel specs. This handy guide will help you design, estimate, and install solar energy systems for your building projects.

1. Consider The Type Of Home Solar System You Need

The solar cell design plays the most important role in solar energy specs. The solar panels consist of three main types of solar cells – Mono solar cells, poly panels, and thin-film solar panels.

Monocrystalline solar cells

The mono solar cells contain a single crystal structure that allows them to convert light energy into electricity.  The mono solar cells are cut from a single silicon ingot and are slightly more efficient compared to poly panels.

The monocrystalline solar panels perform better in low light and high heat environments however; they are expensive compared to poly panels of the same wattage.

Polycrystalline solar panels

Multiple silicon pieces blend the cells and mold and treat to create the solar cell in polycrystalline solar panels.No raw material is thrown out in the manufacturing process, thus it involves less wastage.

These polycrystalline solar panels are cheaper to manufacture and they cost less for the end-user.

Thin film solar panel

The third type of solar technology is thin-film panels which are usually deployed for some special applications and large-scale projects. The thin-film panels are created by depositing a thin layer of conductive material onto a backing plate made of plastic or glass.

2. The Size Of Home Solar System

Wattage shows you how powerful the solar panel is and it also shows how effective the solar power panel is. A solar panel’s wattage must closely match the power requirements of the solar array or the building.

The area of the solar power panel is the square feet, it defines how easily they integrate into a roof design and the number of energy needs you will be going to meet.

The solar cells’ efficiency also affects how much power each panel produces.

3. Age of Home Solar System

Sourcing solar power panels secondhand can considerably lower the costs. However, it might affect the efficacy and warranty of the solar power panels. Most solar power panels have 25 years of warranty but the efficacy drops down over time. To get the best return on investment on your solar panels you need to purchase the solar panels from trustworthy industrial experts.

Wattz is one of the leading solar energy providers in Dubai. It provides high-quality and best home solar system in Dubai that come many maximum years.

4. Weight Of The Home Solar System

While coming to solar panels, The weight of the solar panels affects the roof surface. the experienced experts in this field can install them. it is more likely that your rooftops stay safe and strong. Some manufacturers like Wattz offer high-quality and lightweight solar energy panels for homes and commercial properties at low costs.

5. Temperature Of The Home Solar System

Solar panels work best when they have a moderate temperature. Consequently, most manufacturers rate their products according to an operating temperature. But most solar power panels work with a reasonable range of efficacy at high temperatures. In addition, solar panels often have the maximum temperature rating for their durability. The temperature coefficient is crucial if you are building in an area with high temperatures or on roofs that can get hot very quickly.

Seamlessly Add Solar to Your Builds

We at Wattz can provide you with all the information you need for a well-designed system. Contact us today and get your solar panel installation done by the experts.

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