5 Financial Benefits Of Going Best Home Solar System In UAE

Solar Power

The home solar system was affordable to everyone and is more effective in producing electricity. When you work with Wattz you can get the solar panels installed for very affordable rates.

Solar isn’t just cheaper, but there are also clear financial benefits of going solar for residential properties in Dubai. Solar energy is economical and also encourages a safer environment which in turn means less financial hardships and more ecological measures.

The Financial Benefits of Best Home Solar System Include –

1. Lower Power Costs And Bills

Power costs and bills are a significant factor, especially for those people who are on their fixed monthly income. With solar, you can run your daily business without worrying about your monthly utility bills. Not just that it also helps you save lots of money and relieve stress from the headaches of massive utility costs.

Since solar technology advances constantly, the prices of solar energy have fallen and they will continue to fall to a lower cost. Although the drop has plateaued, this makes not much sense in waiting for them to keep dropping. After going solar, the money you will save immediately falls outweighs the time you wait for the solar panel to drop. The best thing about it is you will have the ability to generate your power and store it for later use.

2. Increases Home Value

Solar panels increase the attractiveness of the home to the open market. This makes up a great advantage for homes with low-income value. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) has declared that homes installed with solar energy panels get sold on average 20% faster compared to the traditional homes without solar panels. Furthermore, a study from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that sales prices on the average home increased to $17,000 with solar panels installed on the rooftop.

3. Provides Long Term Value

Home solar system in UAE provides long-term value to house owners. If you are spending thousands of dirhams on solar panels to power your entire home, you just need to picture out how long the solar panels going to last. The solar power panels are going to last 25 to 30 years on average. Fortunately, solar panels can last much longer based on the system degradation rate. In general, solar panels have an average degradation rate of 0.5% meaning the solar panels can still operate at about 88% capacity after your 25-year warranty.

When you work with solar energy companies like us in UAE, you are very sure that you can reap all the benefits we have addressed. We provide high-quality and best home solar system in Dubai that can last many long years.

4. Helps Mitigate The Financial Losses During Blackouts

Blackouts are most common than just inconvenient. In some cases, they are even life-threatening. A fridge full of food can get spoiled due to an extended blackout which may cost you hundreds of dirhams in the glossary.  If you have pets they suffer more without air conditioning.

Lifesaving medical devices require electricity and the consequences of blackouts can be catastrophic, especially for those who rely on medical devices. You require best home solar system with battery storage installed for your homes, this will help you keep things running day and night during a power outage. Solar panels help you keep the essential home electronics running during those public safety power shutoffs. The monetary losses you prevent by going solar can be extraordinary!

5. Contributes Greatly Towards Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is an abstract feel-good “green” concept! Solar energy is indeed a clean and limitless source of energy. Every Watt generated through solar energy is not generated by a big pollutant power plant that’s harming the environment.

Experts have been saying for years that accelerated climate change will end up costing the entire world lots of money. Today we see many dangerous disasters like drought, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires, these may increase more in the future if we still depend on fossil fuels to produce energy.

When the utilities get help in generating electricity from your home there is less stress placed on the power grid. Fewer grid-related issues may include public safety power shutoffs and massive wildfires.

How To Switch Towards Best Home solar System In Dubai

One of the greatest benefits of the solar industry today is that you don’t have to install solar panels by yourself. As one of the top solar energy companies in UAE, we at Wattz hire and train solar panel installers that act upon the highest safety standards by providing the greatest care to your rooftop. Contact Wattz today!

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