Are Solar Panels For Home Installation Worth In Dubai?

Solar panels for home installation are one of the popular options for house owners in Dubai. It is a cost-effective and environment-friendly source. It works with the use of a photovoltaic system that uses solar cells made up of semiconductors that convert sunlight into electricity.

Changing to the solar panels for home installation involves several steps from installing the solar panels to setting them up requires an initial investment. But over time solar has become a cheaper source of energy compared to other traditional energy sources. You will see the cost-saving on DEWA bills by switching to the home solar power system. Think of it as an investment that’s going to meet your power needs for the next upcoming 25 years!

While compared to other countries, the process for residential solar panels for home installation is different in Dubai. You need to understand the rules and regulations that are unique to the Dubai government before installing solar. Here in this blog, we will discuss them briefly.

1. How Much Do Solar Panels For Home Installation Cost in Dubai?

The cost of solar panels for home installation in UAE depends upon several factors such as the size of the solar system, installation cost, etc. you can expect around Dh4,000 to Dh6,000 for the 1 KW of Rooftop electricity production from solar panels. This means You can expect to cover this within a five- to eight-year period.

2. What Happens If the Solar Power System Overproduces?

In general, the solar system generates electricity which you can use at night or even in cloudy weather. When your solar system produces an extra amount of energy, you can store it by transferring it to the utility grid which is also called a grid-tied solar system. Your utility will compensate you with a credit reflecting the transferred electricity. But please check the amount your utility compensates you because this varies between the utility companies.

3. Can I Aim for A Zero Electricity Bill in Dubai?

Yes! you can, depending upon your energy consumption, you can produce between 40 to 50% of electric consumption through solar panels if you are a medium user. If you are a light user, you can achieve zero bills easily.

4. Are There Any Tax Incentives Available for Solar Panels For Home Installation?

No, DEWA does not offer any tax or other incentives.

5. What Is the Estimated ROI and Savings for Residential, Commercial, Or Industrial Properties?

The investment savings and return depend on how much electricity you use currently and the tariff you are paying. In general, clients with large consumption are currently more attractive than clients with low consumption and smaller system.

Ask your solar panel installer in UAE to see how much your new system will produce on an annual basis and compare it to the number of your annual electricity demand to get a clear idea of how much you will save.

6. Who Bears the Cost of the New Meter in the UAE?

The bi-directional smarter meter measuring system measures the electricity and then the electricity is exported and imported from the DEWA electricity grid and it will be installed by DEWA without charging any additional costs to customers over the normal service charge.

If the generation check meter is installed to measure the electricity generated by the solar PV system, then it is charged by DEWA as a part of the connection fee.

7. How Can I Connect to The Grid?

Make sure your solar contractor understands the utility process for getting grid approval before starting the construction. Disconnection and monitoring equipment may vary between the utility companies. It can be a little frustrating experience if your contractor installs the system before approval because of the additional equipment or any change needed in the existing system or installation process.

8. What If I Live in an Apartment?

There is nothing to worry about if your balcony gets enough sunlight. You can still go solar but before going solar,  speak to your neighbors and plan to convince your facilities management to adopt climate-responsive solutions in your apartment. If that didn’t work, you can also go for ground mount solar.

Partner with The Right Solar Panel Installer in UAE

Solar energy is a long-term investment. It is crucial to choose the right solar energy provider in Dubai who has a great experience with local utilities and stands with their excellent workmanship.

At Wattz, we treat our clients like our family and we provide a long-term commitment to them with our solar services. We are top solar panel installers in UAE powering up many households and commercial spaces with solar. Get your installation done today and start repealing solar benefits. Meanwhile, if you are still confused about solar explore our blog posts so that they can help.

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