Home Solar System Installation in Dubai – A Complete Builder Checklist

Home solar system has become a popular option for many house owners in Dubai today. Many people want to know the procedure followed by the builders while installing a  home solar system in Dubai and some of us just want to do the installation procedure by ourselves.

This handy guide will help in knowing the complete procedure solar panel installation builders follow.

1. Design process & site visits

You can install solar panels during the construction of the house or you can add them to the existing property.

When you plan to add a home solar system to your house during construction, add appropriate features to house plans. Because it will make your house flexible to integrate solar panels. After the construction process, your solar panel installer visits your property and advises you to get south-faced roofing before installation.

Your solar panel installer in Dubai advises you on installing a home solar system at a 15 to 30-degree angle. This is done to maximize sunlight absorption and help your home solar system produce a good amount of electricity. The solar panel installers also check any trees and other large structures in the area. If there are any trees then the installer advice to cut them as they provide pesky shading on the roof.

When you are planning to install your home solar system, on an existing structure then the process can be different. During this process, your company representative visits your home and accesses the angle and type of the roof. Your representative suggests any further requirements and signs the contract.

Solar panels are not suitable for some houses and the solar representatives will disclose this to the house owner before signing the contract.

After the general site visit, an engineer will visit your property and checks the electric status of the house, and notes that the home features are compatible with the solar panels. The engineer checks the durability and other conditions of the roof and may suggest you upgrade the electrical panels for increasing the home’s amp capacity before the beginning of the installation.

2. Acquire Permits and Documents

Installing the best home solar system requires decent paperwork. The builder is responsible to know about the state and local regulations and apply for the proper permits. For example, some states require roofs to have at least a minimal three feet distance around the panels while the other states do not require any such requirements.

As a house owner, regardless of leasing or buying solar panels, the builder is responsible for filling out the paperwork.

3. Choosing Order Supplies and Equipment

Your builder chooses the right equipment such as solar inverters and solar panels before signing the contract. You need to select and order the equipment after obtaining the permits and filling out the paperwork.

The builders work with the homeowners and explain to them their brand efficiency, durability, aesthetics, and compatibility with the home’s style.

4. Installation of The Residential Solar System in Dubai

Technicians start the installation process by installing a tracking system onto the rooftop to hold the home solar system in place. Different kinds of roof materials use different hardware to mount solar panels. Your technician makes sure to use a racking system that intends the roof type that you are having.

After installing the racking system, your technician mounts the solar panels into the racking rails. If your home solar system design contains optimizers or micro inverters, then attach the optimizers to each solar panel as well. After completing the procedure, your electrician does the wire run and hooks the solar panels up to the electrical panel and inverters.

The inverters convert direct current energy generated by the solar panels into usable alternating current that can be used to power appliances in the home.

5. Final Approval

The final step involves turning on your home solar system so that it can start getting solar power. Keep in mind that your local official must approve the system installation before connecting system to the local electrical grid. The final approval process takes starts from a few days to a few weeks depending on the area.

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