How Solar Batteries Can Help You Avoid Blackouts?

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We know how it feels with a public safety power shutoff! They’re awful and are especially hard for those who rely on medical devices. To keep the critical machines powered up you need a continuous electric supply. A power blackout can make you feel irritated and may also cost a loss of money even if you are not dependent on a life support device. And not to mention about the food, you may lose all of it that’s kept in the refrigerator.

How Can You Avoid Blackouts?

There are lots of problems that may occur due to a power blackout. But how can you avoid it? You can avoid it by getting a residential solar power system in Dubai. Solar panels are a great alternative to power your homes and reduce electricity costs.

With solar panels, you can also save up to 30% on your electricity bills on average every month. Amazing right? But can you imagine the scenario when you lack power backup on solar? Solar batteries can help!

How Solar Batteries Can Help?

You can stay stress-free during the blackouts by installing solar batteries into your residential homes. The solar batteries store the solar energy and supply it to the home during blackouts. They also increase the complexity of the solar system by maintaining them.

Solar batteries can work on rainy nights, cloudy days, and even on power outages. If you do not have a solar battery your solar system will automatically get shut off during the power outage and you will not be able to use solar energy.

Solar + Battery Backup

Imagine you and your family are at home during a massive blackout. Your fridge is still running, and you are not able to wash your clothes and not even able to charge your phone, at this time you need another way to supply electricity, and with solar, you can attain that.

You can enjoy the continuous flow of electricity by installing home solar systems in Dubai.

When the sun rays fall on the solar panels they convert solar energy into direct current, then the direct current enters into the battery and is stored as direct electricity. When blackouts occur the direct electricity which is stored in the battery leaves it and enters the inverter and converts it into alternating current that the home can use.

Can I Afford Solar Panels and a Solar Battery?

Yes, most of the residential solar power systems in Dubai wind up saving their home owner’s money every month. The cost of solar panels and electric power winds up less than the number of house owners pay to their utility.

The less money you use for utility more will be the more money in your pocket.

How Does A Solar Battery Work During The Power Outrage?

The solar battery system consists of two boxes. That is a small conductor box and solar battery box, these both function as the brain of the solar system. The controller box turns on the systems automatically and connects to the battery storage during a power blackout.

Tips For Prepare Your Home During An Energy Blackout

In this section, we will discuss the tips you can follow during the blackout if you do not have a solar battery yet.

  1. Unplug your appliances as soon as the power goes off. Doing this way, you can avoid potential damage occurring to your appliances from power surges.
  2. Keep your freezers and refrigerators closed. The refrigerator keeps the food cold for 4 hours and a full freezer will keep the temperature maintained for about 48 hours.
  3. Monitor food temperatures with a thermometer If you found it’s higher than 40 degrees, it may not be safe to consume.
  4. Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Camp stoves, generators, or charcoal grills should always be used outdoors for at least 20 feet away from the windows.

Why Go Solar?

  • The blackouts are unavoidable but, you can control the damage by installing solar energy panels in your home coupled with battery backup systems to help in avoiding stress and inconvenience.
  • By going solar, you can take control of the electricity you spend and ensure that rates do not increase every year as it happens in the utility power grid.
  • You can also lower your electricity bill without having any limit to the usage of energy even using high-power consuming appliances such as air conditioning.

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