How To Protect Your Home Solar Systems In Dubai?

The Best home solar system must sturdily withstand the elements while generating power. Countless hazards can shorten the lifespan of a solar system if you are not careful. It’s important to protect your solar systems in Dubai from the threats they are exposed to. Doing so maximizes the output of your solar panels and helps you make a profit from most of the investment.

1. Hail and Strom Prevention

The solar system is placed on the roof this means that it is subjected to climatic elements such as snow, hail, and other dangerous weather conditions. Solar systems work even in hail or snow but they reduce their potential if they are cracked by hail or buried in snow. This can be difficult but you can do the following steps to protect your solar from them.

Add A Layer of Methacrylate

You can cover your home solar system completely by coating it with a layer of methacrylate for additional protection. Methacrylate is a polymer plastic material that is often used to create a protective barrier on top of solar panels. It is thin enough for light to pass through it but, and also protects solar power panels against hail or debris.

  • Home Solar System Tilt Frames

    Not just only does the angel of the solar system show an impact on their performance, but it also affects susceptibility to dangerous weather. If your home power system lay flat, then the entire surface is vulnerable to show impacts of snow, hail, and debris. But if you laid your home solar PV system tilted, anything that lands on it will simply slide off. Mount your home solar system on tilt frames so that you can adjust them when needed.

  • Cut Back Your Trees

    Although trees provide shade, their output will be suboptimal. Pruning the trees and cutting them back can show a positive impact on your home solar system. In addition to that, fire hazards, nuts, fruits, and branches may fall off the panels and may damage them. Even the minor scratches that happen frequently also impact the performance of solar panels negatively.

  • Rodents, pests, and birds can use branches to climb onto the home solar system and leave refuse behind. The best way to overcome this is to trim the trees which will significantly reduce animal access to solar panels.

2. Wear and Tear Prevention

Wear and tears are inevitable, but if you prioritize regular maintenance, you can delay the need for significant repairs and achieve a better lifespan on your solar system.

  • Ensure Your Solar PV Panels Are Properly Installed

    Ensure that your solar system is installed properly. Installing a solar system correctly will set it up for lifelong use and help you minimize maintenance issues. Most people try to install a solar systems on their own but this will bring many issues later. Find a reputable company that quotes a price that works for your budget. After the installation process, you can ask the company to check up on your home solar system periodically and address them if any issues arise.

  • Clean Your Solar Panels Regularly

    If you want to go the extra mile with your solar efficiency, make sure to clean your solar panels. You need to keep your solar system free from dust, dirt, and debris that block the sunlight and reduce its output. Depending on the angle of the solar system, an efficient cleaning process depends. Solar panels that do not have significant tilt such as flat solar panels need manual cleaning to maintain their efficiency due to the dirt and grime that accumulate quickly.

3. Home Solar System Theft Prevention

Solar systems in Dubai have become more popular and prominent as time goes on. This means that more people have appreciated and understood the value and benefits of using them. However, some unsavory people will do anything to get them which may involve stealing as they are placed outside of the yard and vulnerable to theft.

  • Insurance

    Solar panels do have insurance as other appliances do. It is a necessary protection for your sustainable investment. Your investment may not prevent solar panels from getting steeled thieves but it will help your finances recover from theft if it does occur.

  • Set Up an Alarm System

    Setting an alarm system can help. A motion detection system will alert you the moment when someone tries to remove the solar panels. Install a smart lock system on your solar panels as these devices are difficult to remove and provide significant protection.


These are some of the best ways to protect your home solar systems in Dubai. If you are looking for the best home solar system in Dubai, contact Wattz today! We are a leading solar panel installer in UAE that provides the  havbest home solar system for homes.

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