What Meant by Carbon Neutrality And How Can It Be Achieved?

Climate change is affecting the entire world with extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, drought, landslides, rails, and floods becoming more frequent. Polluting the environment also raises sea levels, causing biodiversity loss and ocean acidification. To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) suggests that safe – carbon neutrality is a must by the mid-21st century.

What Is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon neutrality means keeping a balance between emitting and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. They take out an equivalent amount of CO2 and that is kept in the atmosphere. Simply, if you are carbon-neutral, your CO2 has a neutral or less impact on the environment. To become carbon neutral, you need to reduce the emission of CO2 and as well as remove any harmful emissions you put in the atmosphere. Many people use the term greenhouse gas emission as all GHGs are contributing significantly to climate change.

Benefits of Carbon Neutrality

Although there are a few downsides, there is still value in going carbon neutrality. Its everyone’s responsibility to try their part to curb climate change. Cutting back on GHC emissions will have a great impact on the environment and you may also discover being carbon neutral provides additional advantages. For instance, if you invest in a home solar power system you may have relatively large initial costs. However, you will save lots of money on the electricity bills in the long run while also contributing your best part to mother earth. You can even experience the health benefits depending on the steps you take. For example, you have decided to give up on driving one of the biggest contributors to GHC emissions. In place of that using ecofriendly transportation or walking and cycling can help you stay active and healthy.

How to Go Carbon Neutral?

Whether you want to decrease your GHC emissions or become climate positive these points will help you work towards carbon neutrality.

Calculate your carbon footprint

The primary thing you need to do is, calculate the carbon footprint that you have personally generated. It is difficult to get exact measurements but you can get an idea of how much carbon emissions you are giving to the environment and that will give you an idea and help you take measurements to reduce it for your positive impact on the environment from your turn.

Once you know your exact carbon footprint, then you can take the appropriate steps to reduce it. Start with activities where your impact is greatest and it will be easiest for you to make significant changes in the area.

Rethink transportation

If a driving car is your main priority, try to find another way around unless you got a hybrid or electric vehicle because your car is powered by fossil fuels and is likely one of the biggest sources of GHG emissions.

Make your home more efficient

Your home is another major production of GHC due to its consumption of gas and electricity. Short of achieving total energy independence, it is difficult to make your home completely carbon neutral you can make your home more efficient by installing residential solar panel systems in Dubai. Solar panels do not just contribute to the environment but they are a great way of cost-saving.

Participate in the secondhand economy

The second-hand economy takes a different approach to consuming, using, and disposing of goods. You can repair the products rather than using them and throwing them away when they are no longer functional or useful. This process is not just economical but it also helps with waste reduction and decreases carbon footprint. Buy used products instead of purchasing new ones, and donate or resell any of the unwanted items. If the products are in good condition, try to repair them.

Go Solar!

Whether you are a house owner or have a large commercial property, going solar will help you show a positive impact on the environment. It reduces the carbon footprints and helps you in minimizing the electric bills. You can use solar by going completely off-grid or you can go grid-tied solar systems. If you

go grid-tied solar, then adapting a solar battery to your home is a great option as it helps you supply power even during power outages.

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