Top 5 Myths And Facts About Solar Panel Installation

In the last few decades, the growth of solar energy, and the solar industry has been phenomenal and is a well-established energy source in many countries worldwide. With the raising concerns over global warming, renewable energy is increasingly being adopted by many people around the world for a sustainable future. Experts have clearly stated in many studies that mankind cannot rely upon coal-based energy much longer. Despite all this, there are many misconceptions, myths, rumors, and false facts that often malign solar power and solar panel installation. Never mind, here are the top five most common solar energy myths and facts. These explained for a better understanding of this valuable and viable renewable energy source.

Myth 1: Solar energy works only when there is the sun

Fact: The sun is the most abundant source of energy for solar panels to capture, absorb, and convert into power, but it doesn’t require direct sunlight. There is a common misconception that solar energy works only when the sun is out. But the truth is that solar power is harvested from the UV rays that reach the earth even during cloudy and foggy days, and this is enough for the panels to harvest the power. Another interesting fact is that solar panels work efficiently irrespective of the temperature.

Eg: Germany and many parts of the USA such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York are some of the shining examples of how winter weather solar can work in countries across the globe

Myth 2: Solar energy is very expensive

Fact: Installing solar panels on your home is now affordable and economical. Over the years, demand for solar panel installation in UAE has picked up dramatically with the cost of solar energy dropping by 50% in the last five years. The UAE continues to set the pace in reducing the cost of producing solar energy.UAE is blessed with near-year-round sunshine. This is the reason why utility authorities in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have profoundly invested in developing solar energy resources that have led to a great reduction in tariffs for solar photovoltaic energy, which dropped to AED 4.97 fils/kWh (1.35 cents/kWh) in a recent announcement in the UAE capital. Some of the green experts opine that the cost could fall even further.

Myth 3: Solar panels won’t help you save money

Fact: Investing in solar power can pay for itself. One of the main reasons why many people invest in solar power is because of the savings they will enjoy. When you switch to a solar energy system, one must not take the initial price of installation at face value. Because the overall amount you save through solar power is actually where the value lies. When you get the solar panels installed, you will no longer have to pay a heating or electric bill and over time, the amount you save on the electricity bill (which averages $1,300 per household annually), will pay off your initial investment of a solar panel installation. You will also enjoy the great benefits of net metering, which feeding your power to the utility grid and getting paid off for the energy fed back to the grid.

Myth 4: Installing Solar Panels can damage your Roof

Fact: No not, only when you go with professional installation. Installing solar panels does not cause any damage to your roof. The various well-proven globally accepted norms and standards should follow while installing solar panels. These solar panels installed on rooftops without causing any damage to the roofs. Using mounting rails or even screwing methods have been used quite predominantly. But you should be careful while choosing the best solar panel installers in Dubai. As it said, we pride ourselves as leaders in providing superior installations with top-quality workmanship. Our certified solar panel technicians can handle the entire installation from start to finish with utmost attention and precision. It ensures that your installation will done promptly and correctly.

Myth 5: Solar panels are dangerous because they have toxic materials in them

Fact: The risk to humans from exposure to solar panels is almost zero. The risk of pollution from them can greatly minimize by responsible mining of the key raw materials and recycling of the solar system components. Moreover, solar panels can last as long as 40years and nearly all their components are reusable and recyclable.

Final Thoughts:
We hope this article would help you clear up any misconceptions about installing residential solar panels. If you have any more questions, our experts are always ready to help you. Are you ready to go solar? Contact Wattz, the leading solar panel installers for Dubai homes. To learn more about solar energy benefits, energy-saving tips, and a lot more, schedule a free consultation today.

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