Understanding The Difference Between Roof Mount And Ground Mount Solar

Although you may think of solar energy and picture black boxes on the rooftop, you will be having many queries and questions pondering your mind about Roof Mount Solar and Ground Mount Solar. Before going for a residential solar system in Dubai, it’s important to know which installation type accomplishes your goals and what kind of solar works based on your property.

The goal of this blog post is to highlight the difference between various kinds of solar systems and their installation types and what kind of solar installation suits you the best based on your property. Before we dive deep into the topic let us first know what is a ground mount solar and roof mount solar.

Ground Mount Solar:

A ground mounts solar is a solar panel system that you can place on the ground of our property. In-ground mount solar, the solar panels can place anywhere on our property where you see enough space and good exposure to sunlight. The ground mounts are installed in an open area where ever the sunlight is reaching the ground. This makes a great alternative for someone who wants to go solar but does not have enough roof space or the roof is covered with shady trees.

Advantages Of Ground Mount Solar

  • Efficiency
    Mounting solar panels on the ground leads to better efficiency compared to rooftop solar as in-ground mount solar, the solar systems do not directly experience the heat of the sun like the rooftop solar does. Being on the lower ground the ground mount solar panels enjoys the sunlight and usually stay cooler than those on the rooftop. With less heat, there is less friction as the solar energy transfer from solar panels to electric systems while the ground mounts also have better ventilation compared to roof mounts which lead to less heat.


  • Easily Accessible
    Ground mounts are much easier to access and install at multiple angles. Solar systems require a lot of trial in the installation phase. As the ground mount solar sits back on the ground it’s easier to troubleshoot the panels, clean them often and perform routine maintenance.
  • No Penetrations On Roof
    The ground mounts solar does not require penetrations on the roof. It’s important to note that rooftop arrays protect the shingles from wear, tear, and extension. while we installing solar the penetration causes and we have to take more precautions during the installation phase. Wattz has a dedicated team of experts to handle the solar with care during the installation phase. But with ground mount solar there will be no roof penetration and fewer complications to consider.

Roof Mount Solar:

Roof mount solar is the most common type of solar. The roof mounts solar is the solar panel system placed directly onto the rooftop of your residential or commercial property. The solar panels can be attached to flat or sloping roofs that consist of shingle, metal, or rubber material. The block which weighs the system components down secures the roof mount installation. Rooftop solar is the best choice for homes with large roofs, businesses, factories, farms, and other commercial properties.

Advantages Of Roof Mount Solar

  • Lower Installation Costs
    The great thing about roof mount solar is the great installation costs. They take the support of the roof of your home as a foundation to support your solar array.
  • More Secure
    The roof mounts solar is more secure and is a great way to reduce theft and vandalism. Roof mount solar is hard for thieves or vandals to access or steal the solar system. Roof mount solar is a safe innovative measure when compared with other alternatives
  • Protects Against Degradation
    The roof mounts solar is an excellent option to protect your roof from the degradation caused by exposure. As the rooftop solar covers, most of the rooftop debris and other particles in the environment get to settle on the roof making it hard to clean. But when you go rooftop solar, it is easy to clean the debris on solar panels compared to that of those settled on the roof making. It is easier to protect the roof from degradation caused by environmental debris.

Making The Right Decision

Each type of solar system has its pros and cons. Choosing the right solar panels for residential homes in Dubai depends on energy needs and property details. Utility, maintenance, efficiency, and aesthetics are some of the common factors that determine which design is better for you. At Wattz our professional team of solar panel installers makes sure to consider your priorities and prepare the best designs and options.



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