6 Things to Consider Before Installing Rooftop Residential Solar Systems

In recent years, solar power technology has advanced dramatically, with many of these developments resulting in lower equipment costs. Rooftop residential solar panels are another great option to create electricity for your home, company, and the grid while reducing your environmental impact.

There are a few things to consider before diving right into the installation procedure. Understanding the various components of a project like this is critical, and researching common myths about solar panel installation is also a good idea. We’ve put together a list of the top 6 things you should think about before installing those rooftop residential solar systems in Dubai to help you decide whether solar power is the perfect solution for you, your house, or your business.

Location to install Solar panel

The amount of direct sunlight is an important consideration when determining the number and type of panels to utilize. The region you live in is, obviously, the most important element, but tall buildings and trees can also have a significant impact on your panel’s exposure to the sun. When exposed to shade, different panels react differently — some diminish output while others completely shut down. The longer hours your panels expose to direct sunlight, the more energy produces efficiently.

What is the maximum weight capacity of your roof?

Solar panels will add to the weight of your roof’s structure. If the weight of these residential solar panels becomes too heavy for your roof to handle, it may collapse. For a variety of reasons, this is exceedingly hazardous, not to mention costly. To avoid either of these scenarios, get your roof inspected by an expert to see if additional support is required to complete the installation.

Are you able to install solar panels on your roof?

Before you consider installing solar panels, assess the condition of your roof. If you know you’ll need a new roof soon or if a piece of your roof is damaged, installing solar panels isn’t the best solution. Any roof repairs should be addressed before the installation if at all possible. You won’t have to spend any more money dismantling and reassembling the work.

Another item to consider is the difference between your roof’s warranty and your solar panels’ warranty. Your maintenance costs will increase if you have solar panels that will last 20 years but a roof that will only last 10 to 15 years. To reduce the amount of work, time, and money you will have to commit, try to match the duration of both initiatives.

If it rains on the roof, where will the water go?

When it rains, water runs down the roof, down the gutters, and out and away from your home. When installing solar panels, equipment such as racking and wiring harnesses may obstruct water flow and drainage. Water might flow in the wrong direction as a result of solar panels, causing leaks and other issues. These issues will need to resolve, which will necessitate the removal of the solar panels. Make sure the contractor is aware of your concerns to avoid any of these issues. They’ll be able to provide you with a plan demonstrating that the installation will have no detrimental impact on water runoff.

How do you keep your solar panels in good working order?

To keep your solar panels working properly, you must maintain them regularly. The good news is that solar panels are low-maintenance; simply clean them when they become filthy. Inquire with your contractor about special cleaning suggestions. Solar systems are quite dependable, but you must ensure that they continue to provide power and save you money.

Should you go with a grid-connected or off-grid system?

The majority of residences have solar energy systems that connect to the grid. You get net metering with this system, which is an incentive that offers you a credit on your bill for the extra power your solar panels generate. Off-grid systems aren’t tied to your city’s electric or utility bills. Instead, you’ll need a lot of storage space to save energy.

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