What Are The Types Of Solar Racking Systems That You Need To Know?

Solar Panels mounted

By now we have a good understanding of the significance of solar panels and solar panels available in the market. But before solar racking panels installed on your rooftop, it is important to know how these solar panels can mount. Then we need to know the mounting options available.

Solar racking systems also called photovoltaic mounting systems. These designed to safely fix solar panels to various surfaces. Those are such as roofs, building facades, or the ground. The solar racking systems provide structural support for easy fitting of the solar panels at the optimal tilt to the existing rooftops and structures. It is intricately designed to hold the solar panel system to the roof for 25 years or more and to withstand any harsh conditions. It is attached to a central point in the roof structure so that the solar panel weight can be equally distributed throughout the roof surface that the solar panels are anchored safely at the right angle.

What Are The Types Of Solar Mounting Systems Available?

The solar panels mounted on the ground, roofs, or poles. Depending upon the land availability and your building structure you can choose the right type of solar mounting system that fits your home as well as your budget. Let’s see solar mounting systems available for residential homes.

  • Ground-mounted solar panels
  • Roof-mounted solar panels

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels: 

A ground-mounted system is just what it sounds like- a system of solar panels. That has mounted on the ground of your property rather than on the roof of your house. The ground mounting system can set up anywhere but it requires a dedicated piece of land. That land must be in a yard or a field to fix the solar panels for your home. If you find that your property isn’t suitable for a rooftop solar mounting system because the roof cannot support it, or is too small, or requires a lot of modifications. Then a ground-mounted system could end up saving you money in the long run. If you have land for use with no future use, the ground mount system can be the best option for solar installation, as the design and energy yield can utilize to maximum potential.

The maintenance and cleaning of solar panels of the ground mount system are easy and costs you less. Ground-mounted panels could be a costly affair only if the land needs to be purchased or if available land is used for other revenue-generating purposes. Therefore, a ground-mounted solar system can be an ideal choice for residential, commercial, or agricultural use only when the land is available to use for the solar array.

Rooftop Mounted Solar Panels:

A rooftop photovoltaic system has solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a home or commercial building. These are a bit smaller when compared to ground-mounted PV systems in relation to capacities in the megawatt range. Rooftop PV systems on residential buildings typically can generate 5 to 20 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. Those mounted on commercial buildings can generate 100 kilowatts or more. Rooftop solar panel installation on homes and commercial buildings is an excellent option because they are compact and ergonomic. Using the rooftop mount system saves the cost of land or does not restrict the use of land for personal and business purposes. The roof mount system takes advantage of your existing roof structure to provide a foundation for your solar panels. This helps greatly to save money in racking material and labor costs to complete the installation.

Fixed Rooftop Mounted Solar Panels:

Solar panels fixed at an angle tilted towards the sun to optimize their power generation. Most residential rooftops tend to be sloped close enough to this optimal mounting angle and don’t demand any additional tilt adjustments. Ideally, the south-facing roof with a 10-20 degree tilt option is the best roof for harnessing solar energy. Henceforth, a fixed roof mount is an easiest and most cost-effective option for homeowners looking for viable options. Unlike the rooftop, the mount system array, which is mounted directly over the power’s destination goal. The ground mount system involves a great deal of groundwork to establish the connection. The connection is placed between the solar panel system and the building.

So, choosing the right solar mounting system depends mainly on your energy needs and property details. The other factors like maintenance, aesthetics, your budget constraints, determine the design that works for you.

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